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Basic and Advanced Footcare Services

Please find below a brief description of each of the services that are provided.  I provide all equipment necessary, all the client needs is a comfortable place to sit. The first visit includes the foot assessment and usually takes 1 hour. Follow up appointments will be around 45 minutes and cost a little less.  Follow up appointments are usually every 4-6 weeks to ensure proper Footcare is maintained. Coverage may be provided by some health care insurance.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Foot Assessment

Visit will begin with a complete foot assessment. This will involve obtaining a general health history, and a physical examination of the feet. 


Nail trimming

Nail nippers are used to trim the nail. Nails are always trimmed straight across and never shorter than the top of toe. 


Diamond Deb File is used to file the nail after it is trimmed. It is also used to remove minor calluses and dry skin.

Blacks File

Clean and file around the nail.  Can also be used for nail packing. 

Dremel Tool

Used to reduce thicken toenails and major calluses that cannot be reduced with the diamond deb file. 


Lotion will be applied after the Footcare has been completed. A non -water soluble lotion will help keep the moisture inside the skin of the foot.  Lotion should never be applied between the toes , this area should always be kept dry. 


The final step in the delivery of the basic Footcare is the foot massage. Clients with arthritis may find this uncomfortable and choose to not have this done. 


This will vary depending on what was discovered in the foot assessment. Padding, nail packing, foams, moleskin, and bunion cushions are all treatments that may be provided. 

Patient Education

This last and most important step is educating the clients. By giving them the knowledge of what to look for complications can be reduced.